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Welcome from Springboard Atlantic

Welcome from Springboard Atlantic

Springboard Atlantic: Your one-stop shop for industry academic collaboration

Springboard Atlantic (Springboard) was created by the post-secondary education institutions and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (through the Atlantic Innovation Fund in 2005) to help drive Atlantic Canada’s economy through technology transfer and commercialization. Springboard is the only commercialization network in Canada that benefits from both college and universities working together under one common member mandate.

Chris Mathis
President and CEO
Springboard Atlantic Inc.

Springboard acts as an organization and network to value-add the region’s increasing research activity and works to drive industry-academic collaboration, creating new and improved products, processes and services while improving Atlantic Canada’s overall competitiveness on the global stage. The result is a solid base of researchers and collaborations happening in the region that benefit the Canadian economy. We are #springboarding commercialization and competitiveness.

Springboard can boost a number of successful world class partnerships in key areas like Smart Grid and sustainable energy, energy storage, cyber-security, ocean technology and injecting new and innovative practices into traditional resource industries like fisheries and mining. The Springboard network is enabling the creation of world class companies in multiple sectors in the region. One such sector example are the multiple success stories emerging from the high tech and clean technology sectors like Eigen Innovations, CarbonCure, TruLeaf, and FinTech companies like Verafin to name but a few.

From simple first engagements like a 25% increase in production at GE Barbour’s by the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, to regional startups like Meta Materials doing partnerships with advanced materials faculty in our region, to new world-changing investments that have created facilities like the Ocean Frontiers Institute, Springboard makes a difference for companies.

Springboard works hand in hand with our member institutions and engages the provincial and federal governments to help drive cohesion in the region around the Atlantic Growth Strategy. This regionally focused effort will have a solid impact in the region, from increasing immigration to student attraction and retention.

In short, thanks to the continued evolution of Springboard Atlantic and its strategic partners, Atlantic Canada is a great place to start, grow and do business.


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