Ocean Tech

Ocean Tech

Canada is a global leader in ocean science and technology. One of its greatest technological feats was the development and installation of the VENUS coastal observatory in the Salish Sea. This world-first cabled seafloor observatory, which began operations in 2006, enables researchers anywhere to connect in real time to undersea experiments and observations.

This was followed by the installation of NEPTUNE, the world’s largest cabled ocean observatory, spanning from Vancouver Island across the continental shelf into the deep sea. Operations began in 2009 and over 130 instruments on NEPTUNE are now providing real-time data over the Internet. Operated by the University of Victoria’s Ocean Networks Canada, the observatories provide ocean-observing expertise to industry, academia and governments across Canada and around the world.

ONC’s Innovation Centre also offers Canadian marine technology companiescommercialization expertise and the opportunity to demonstrate their sensorsand instruments to potential clients around the world.


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