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Los Cabos Drumsticks and CCNB-INNOV, a fantastic partnership!

Los Cabos Drumsticks and CCNB-INNOV,  a fantastic partnership!
With the help of CCNB-INNOV, Los Cabos Drumsticks was able to increase production by 60 to 65 %.

A great partnership between a company from Hanwell, New Brunswick, and CCNB-INNOV, the applied research network of the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) which is set up to simultaneously run multiple projects from different industrial sectors, is contributing to Los Cabos Drumsticks’ success on the world stage.

Los Cabos Drumsticks is a family-owned business that has been making drumsticks for almost 14 years. A few years ago, they were searching for a way to increase productivity. They invested in an early prototype machine, but it turned out that the machine was not of industrial quality. Problems appeared shortly after it was commissioned and there was little if any support provided thereafter, which turned out into extra-unforeseen costs and losses to Los Cabos Drumsticks.

With a little bit of research, the president of the company, Larry Guay, found CCNB-INNOV’s Advanced Manufacturing and Welding division located in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Their experts provide several service in industrial and manufacturing processes diagnostics, advanced prototyping, automation, robotics, industry 4.0 diagnostics, system integration as well as metallurgy and welding engineering.

“We had a problem. We wanted a machine to print our logo, weigh our sticks and read their pitch. It’s a very complex process. But it needed to be done, because we wanted to increase our productivity and always wanted only perfect pairs”, said Mr. Guay. It was not an easy task, but the CCNB-INNOV team delivered a great machine two years ago, that gets the job done. The machine took roughly eight months to design and build.

“We did increase production by 60 to 65 %. CCNB-INNOV is great for small businesses, because we do not have engineers on staff. They were able to help us tremendously. That machine is the backbone of our business and we could not live without it. Before, we had to do everything by hand. It was labor intensive and it was a boring job. That machine was a breath of fresh air to our business!” said Mr. Guay.

The machine is worth around $250 000, funded partially by government grants, and takes a room of 20×40 feet.

“We have businesses in New Brunswick that like to innovate and we sure can help them do so. The owners of Los Cabos Drumsticks are really dynamic and it was a perfect match for us”, said Dr. Sylvain Poirier, Executive Director of CCNB-INNOV.

Los Cabos drumsticks are distributed in 28 countries and are played by many well-known artists like Mike Sleath, drummer for Shawn Mendes, and Ben Bradley, drummer for Brett Kissel.

“It’s very comforting that a team like CCNB-INNOV can help a family business like ours. They build a very reliable and sturdy machine. Hats off to Sylvain Poirier, his Advanced Manufacturing and Welding team, as well as CCNB. He is an excellent negotiator and when he got involved, the pieces of the puzzle started to fall in place. He gave us a lot of confidence”, admitted Mr. Guay.


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