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Is big data the next big thing in healthcare?

Is big data the next big thing in healthcare?
Chris Gardner, President, SequenceBio

Newfoundland and Labrador represents a rare opportunity for genetics research.

The province includes a high incidence of rare and complex diseases and multi-generational families whose clinical histories have been well-documented by provincial electronic health records.

Sequence Bio, a data-driven biotechnology company in St. John’s, hopes to take this information and turn it into better healthcare.

“Modern drug discovery relies on the right kind of information,” says Sequence Bio’s co-founder and president, Chris Gardner. “And while this information isn’t found everywhere, it is found  in Newfoundland and Labrador. This is an incredible opportunity to potentially change    the way healthcare is delivered and deliver benefits back to the people who live here.”

The company is applying to the provincial Health Research Ethics Board (HREB),              for permission to conduct health research

in this province. Pending HREB approval, they hope to leverage powerful computing, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to build the world’s most powerful big data resource for drug discovery.

Thanks to federal financial support through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s Business Development Program, as well as US $3 million in seed-stage financing led by U.S. venture capital firm, Data Collective, Sequence Bio continues to advance and expand its technical capabilities as it moves forward with the development and commercialization of valuable biomedical products and resources. The company expects to generate over $1 million in mostly export-based revenues by the end of 2017.

“Our vision is better, safer drugs that deliver more healthcare value,” says Gardner. “With our unique network of talent, advisors, and expertise in big data supporting us, we have never been better positioned for success in drug discovery and precision medicine.” Sequence Bio is looking for partnerships with companies that understand the value of human genetics as a platform for drug discovery. For more information, visit Sequence Bio.
Chris Gardner, President, Sequence Bio


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