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Ingenium’s Women in STEM Initiative

Ingenium’s Women in STEM Initiative
Ingenium champions the engagement, advancement, and furtherance of women in STEM, such as those in the ground-breaking Homeward Bound initiative set against the backdrop of Antarctica. Photo credit: Shelley Ball

Women have always made important contributions to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Yet gender inequity often persists, especially at the highest levels of academia and industry.

The Women in STEM initiative of Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation is a multi-pronged approach designed to address the under-representation of women in STEM and to contribute to efforts to achieve gender equity in these four fields.  Ingenium proposes celebrating achievements and advocates inspiring young Canadians. Ingenium and its STEM Initiative partners seek to also shed light on persistent, and often implicit, gender biases.

Supported by an Advisory Council and with partners the Canadian Museum of Nature, The Franklin Institute, the Canadian Association of Science Centres, and L’Oréal Canada, Ingenium is combining public outreach methods and tools – including a national travelling display, documentaries, a multi-faceted digital presence, and programming – to support the engagement and advancement of women in STEM.



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