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Harnessing the power of data to enhance business competitiveness and productivity

Harnessing the power of data  to enhance business competitiveness and productivity
Pictured from left to right, Seneca student research assistant Thomas Luu, Seneca Principal Investigator Dr. Tanvir Alam and Joshua Koudys from industry partner Clausehound.

Seneca has established its Data Analytics Research Centre to help partners translate data into powerful tools to enhance business competitiveness and productivity.

As one of Canada’s largest, comprehensive colleges, Seneca’s cross-disciplinary research expertise in technology, business and design enables Seneca researchers to provide solutions to business and technical challenges in all areas of data analytics, including data engineering, data modelling and analysis, and data visualization.

For example, Toronto-based Clausehound, a legal-tech company with a disruptive, web-based platform that effectively and efficiently finds and resolves problems during contract drafting and negotiation, identified an opportunity to significantly improve its technology. The Clausehound platform is driven by natural language processing techniques, which find, match and compare text. Clausehound turned to Seneca to access specialized expertise to increase the accuracy of text extraction and retrieval, as well as matching speed, from their existing document library.

Accessing Seneca’s deep expertise in machine learning and natural language processing has been invaluable to us in achieving high levels of accuracy and speed of language and text processing, matching, extraction and retrieval, as we develop and optimize our platform, and grow as a business,” said Rajah Lehal, CEO of Clausehound.

In addition to natural language processing and machine learning, researchers at the Data Analytics Research Centre have broad expertise in deep learning, artificial intelligence, data science, data security and data presentation, and can address challenges ranging from exploratory data analysis to predictive, descriptive and pres-criptive analytics. As the only college member of SOSCIP, Canada’s advanced computing R&D consortium, Seneca researchers have ready access to high-performance computing infrastructure and technical expertise. Seneca also brings unique sector-specific knowledge to collaborations, in areas including health, technology and aviation, amongst others.

All applied research projects are conducted by students, under the guidance, supervision and mentorship of expert faculty, and in collaboration with business partners. Seneca’s academic programs, including diplomas, degrees and graduate certificates support research partnerships, including bachelor’s degree programs in Informationand Security, Software Development, Technology Management, and Data Science and Analytics, as well as diplomas in Interactive Media and Graphic Design, and Fintech and Business Analytics Graduate Certificates.

In 2019, the Data Analytics Research Centre will move to Seneca’s new, $85M Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship located in Toronto, Ontario, bringing applied research, commercialization, specialized training and entrepreneurial activities under one roof. The Data Analytics Research Centre will have dedicated space for student and faculty researchers to collaborate with industry partners.

From main street businesses looking to improve decision-making processes, to disruptive technology companies looking to collaborate on R&D initiatives to develop and advance their emerging technology platforms, Seneca’s Data Analytics Research Centre is here to help partners realize their business goals.

To learn more about collaborating with Seneca, please contact arie@senecacollege.ca


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