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Government selects supercluster winners

Government selects supercluster winners
Karina Gould, Minister of Democratic Institutions, announced one of the successful proposals under the $950-million Innovation Superclusters Initiative at the McMaster Innovation Park in February.

The Canadian government has selected five supercluster proposals that will share $950 million in funding for the next five years under the Innovation Superclusters Initiative. The five winning bids bested four other superclusters in an open competition that took some nine months to complete. Nine shortlisted superclusters were invited to submit full proposals in fall 2017, after the original call to participate attracted 50 Letters of Intent last summer.

The five winners are:

  • Atlantic Canada’s Oceans Superclusterwill focus on investing in digital ocean technologies for aquaculture, capture fishery, offshore oil and gas, and clean energy in order to maximize the sustainable development of the ocean economy.
  • Quebec’s SCALE AIor artificial intelligence-powered Supply Chains supercluster will focus on the use of artificial intelligence and data science in supply chains, particularly in the retail, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.
  • Ontario’s Next Generation Manufacturing(NGM) or advanced manufacturing supercluster, with members mostly located in southern Ontario, will work on innovative solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, using big data, intelligent machines and the Internet of Things to scale and improve production efficiency.
  • British Columbia’s Digital Technology superclusterwill work on projects designed to boost Canada’s precision health, manufacturing and resource and environment technologies by advancing data collection, analysis and visualization.
  • Saskatchewan’s Protein Innovations Canada(PIC) supercluster will work to position Canada as a top supplier of plant-based proteins and related products.


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