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Celebrating 15 years of innovation at Red River College

Celebrating 15 years of innovation at Red River College

RESEARCH PARTNERSHIPS & INNOVATION AT RED RIVER COLLEGE (RRC) is helping students, researchers and industry create award-winning results that build our communities and enhance our prosperity here in Manitoba and around the world.

Red River College is working with industry to drive innovation:

  • Green public transit – developing four battery-operated transit buses that are now in daily service in Winnipeg and reducing greenhouse gases by 160 tonnes per year.
  • New food products – working with more than 40 food and agricultural producers to bring new foods to market such as a hemp macaroon and fava bean flour.
  • Clean water – using cattails and floating bio-platforms to tackle an overabundance of algae in Lake Winnipeg, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world.
  • Healthy children – integrating RRC’s leading Science of Early Child Development curriculum into more than 40 countries across the globe.
  • Energy efficient buildings – testing air-tightness for over 50 large commercial and industrial facilities, resulting in a new construction standard, and a process for identifying building defects and corresponding renovations.
  • Winter-proofed cars – converting Toyota Prius cars to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and ensuring high performance in cold weather, including on the streets of Churchill, Manitoba.
  • LEEDing by example – collaborating on Manitoba Hydro’s state-of-the-art HQ, one of the most energy-efficient office towers in North America.
  • Less food waste – finding creative uses for agricultural by-products such as converting spent grain from local microbreweries into a tasty, multi-purpose miso paste.
  • Fewer chemicals on our roads – working with Cypher Environmental to create Dust Stop® Municipal Blend, an environmentally-friendly product that eliminates dust from unpaved roads.
  • Aerospace and manufacturing – establishing five major state-of-the-art facilities worth in excess of $30M to support innovation, technology evaluation and development, applied research, and industry and student training programs.

These efforts will continue to grow with RRC’s new $95-million Innovation Centre, now under construction. The Innovation Centre will be the latest addition to RRC’s cutting-edge student learning, research and technology labs, which include:

  • MotiveLab – a vehicle test facility with a climatic chamber that can reach temperature highs of +50 C or lows of –40 C, no matter the outdoor temperature.
  • Culinary Research Centre – a culinary idea and innovation lab, now under construction, that will enable researchers, faculty and students to collaborate with the food and agriculture industry on the creation of new products and services.
  • Building Envelope Technology Access Centre – serving the construction sector by improving the energy efficiency of new and existing commercial buildings.
  • Smart Factory – an applied research space that combines emerging technologies and builds on RRC’s Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing.
  • Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing – serving the aerospace and manu-facturing sectors by providing access to new and emerging technologies, applied research expertise and specialized training.
  • Industrial Campuses – Centre for Aerospace Techno-logy and Training and Centre for Non- Destructive Inspection – unique facilities serving regional inno-vation needs.
  • Vehicle Technology & Energy Centre – driving applied research in vehicle technology and development; supporting the transportation industry on energy conservation and alternatives (i.e. electrification), cold-weather testing and technology integration.

For more information, please visit rrc.ca/research





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