Science and Tech gets a reboot for Canada's 150

Spotlight on Indigenous Innovation

Wilfred Buck – The Star Guy

Move over Bill Nye the Science Guy, and make way for Wilfred Buck, Manitoba’s very own Star Guy.

Engineering program targets Indigenous youth

The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) has been awarded nearly $150,000 in funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council to teach Indigenous youth about engineering principles.

Canada 150 Projects

Democratizing Citizenship: How big data is revealing what it means...

Canada prides itself at home and abroad for its diversity and its fundamental belief in multiculturalism. And with 10 provinces, three territories, two official languages, over 1.4 Indigenous peoples, and more than six million citizens born in a different country, Canada has more than earned its claim to be a “cultural mosaic”.

How a giant “nature selfie” is tackling a major conservation problem

On Canada’s 150th birthday, you might expect that experts have discovered pretty much all the species that roam the vast country. But according to James Pagé, the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s (CWF) species at risk and biodiversity program officer, scientists are aware of only about 50% of the animals, plants, and fungi that inhabit Canada’s diverse ecosystems

Researcher Spotlights

Art McDonald - SNOLAB

From the depths of the Canadian shield to a Nobel prize

SNOLAB is a world-class science facility nestled in the depths of a century-old and still operating Vale Creighton nickel mine inside the Canadian Shield near Sudbury, Ontario in Canada.

Shining a light on Canada and its next generation of change-makers

Ann Makosinski gets the humanitarian benefits of innovation. The University of British Columbia English literature student and creative mind behind Hollow Flashlight—a flashlight powered by heat expelled from the human hand—has stepped up as one of the country’s most influential entrepreneurs… and notably, one of its youngest.

Innovation Spotlights

Waterloo building global-scale AM lab

The University of Waterloo has secured $22.4 million cash and $5 million in in-kind support to establish a Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing (AM) Lab that’s expected to generate 18 new partnerships, create more than 80 jobs and commercialize 21 advanced manufacturing technologies

Air Canada moving to shared biofuel fuel system

Air Canada is partnering with 13 organizations on a three-year project to introduce 400,000 litres of sustainable aviation biofuel (biojet) into a shared fuel system.

AI BRAINS WANTED: Canada aims to lure world’s AI talent with new institute

Geoff Hinton, Yoshua Bengio and Richard Sutton may not be household names, but in the world of artificial intelligence these Canadian researchers are global superstars. Ensuring these and other coveted AI researchers call Canada home has become a top priority for governments, academia and industry.

The Waterloo pump fills glasses worldwide

Many developing nations still suffer from a lack of clean drinking water but an invention in 1978 lessened this problem to some degree.

The polar bear and the volcano

When Environment and Climate Change Canada scientist emeritus Dr. Ian Stirling started polar bear research in western Hudson Bay in the 1980s, he never imagined that it would become the first research program in the world to demonstrate the effects of climate change on polar bears.

The Atlantic Canada Start-up Ecosystem

“There’s never been a better time to be a start-up in Atlantic Canada,” says Doug Robertson, CEO of Venn Innovation in Moncton, New Brunswick. Venn – a globally recognized innovation hub – is a part of a growing group of Atlantic-based organizations committed to creating successful entrepreneurs and companies in the region.

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