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Message from the Publisher

With Spring comes new beginnings and this edition of Canadian Innovation News is no exception. I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new CIN website. You can search past issues, enjoy the new edition and comment on the stories. In addition to the website, you can still download an interactive PDF, which you can share with others via email, or print for easy reading on the plane, train, bus or wherever you happen to be.

Canadian Tech at the Leading Edge

Company Spotlight: CCAB aims to grow Toronto’s biotech community

With a wealth of world-class researchers and continuing investment into its start-up ecosystem, Toronto has provided fertile ground for building the biotechnology sector in the province/nation.

First NEOMED spin off takes aim at cancer

The NEOMED Institute, a Montreal-based R&D institute, has spun off its first company in advance of clinical trials to test a new therapy for several cancers, including brain, breast, lung and leukemia
Art McDonald - SNOLAB

From the depths of the Canadian shield to a Nobel prize

SNOLAB is a world-class science facility nestled in the depths of a century-old and still operating Vale Creighton nickel mine inside the Canadian Shield near Sudbury, Ontario in Canada.


Games bring science to life

Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation is very active in the digital world, with several mobile games that bring science and artifacts to life.

Carleton and India back women tech entrepreneurs

Carleton University and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), India’s national regulator for colleges and institutes, have teamed up to support women tech entrepreneurs.

Gender diversity takes centre stage in federal budget

The Canadian government’s 2018 budget may go down in history as the first national feminist economic blueprint. Equality Growth: A Strong Middle Class introduces a bold series of initiatives to boost the participation of women and under-represented groups in science, business and society at large.

Our Partners

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