A global hub for ocean science is born

A historic global partnership may be our best hope for saving the ocean

Canadian Tech at the Leading Edge

PEI emerging as one of Canada’s fastest growing bioclusters

Prince Edward Island may be Canada smallest province with just 146,000 residents, but it is emerging as one of the country’s fastest growing bioscience clusters.

Innovation Spotlight

Toronto boosts efforts to attract FDI Three levels of government have committed $19.5 million over three years to Toronto Global, a new agency with a...

Focus on Cybersecurity and Smart Grids

Drowning in Sound

The ocean is getting noisier and that’s making it more difficult for whales, dolphins and other marine mammals to forage for food, find a mate, keep track of their young and listen for predators. This growing threat is prompting governments around the world to take action to reduce undersea noise, and the global shipping industry is under increasing pressure to respond.

Is big data the next big thing in healthcare?

The province includes a high incidence of rare and complex diseases and multi-generational families whose clinical histories have been well-documented by provincial electronic health records. Sequence Bio, a data-driven biotechnology company in St. John’s, hopes to take this information and turn it into better healthcare.

Innovation Spotlights

IoT network expands across Canada

Six months after launching its purpose-built Internet of Things network in southwestern Ontario, a Waterloo, ON startup has expanded its network enabling machine-to-machine communication for the Internet of Things across the country.

Partners in Innovation

Canada’s colleges and institutes are generally regarded as some of the best post-secondary institutions in the world when it comes to equipping students with the skills, knowledge and experiences they’ll need to quickly and successfully start a career.

Frontier Power Systems

Carl Brothers wants to help remote, northern communities keep the lights on. Literally.

A new accelerator for emerging technologies

The University of New Brunswick (UNB) has launched a new start-up accelerator to advance opportunities in the cybersecurity, cleantech, energy and smart grid sectors.

Welcome from Springboard Atlantic

Springboard Atlantic (Springboard) was created by the post-secondary education institutions and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (through the Atlantic Innovation Fund in 2005) to help drive Atlantic Canada’s economy through technology transfer and commercialization.

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Researcher Spotlights

Harvesting power from the world’s highest tides

At over 16 metres, the Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world. This unique site has also the potential to supply thousands of homes with clean and renewable energy, if the unequalled power of the tides could be harnessed