Canadian Agricultural Innovations Displayed at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Lacombe pig at Ingenium’s Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Ottawa

Ingenium’s Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa welcomed in August a rare Lacombe pig to its display of Canadian farm animals. Lacombes were bred for their docile nature and rapid weight gain.

The Canadian-bred Lacombe is an example of innovative agricultural research and breeding that has been taking place in Canada for hundreds of years. The Canadienne dairy cow descended from cows brought to Canada by Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain in the mid-1500s and early 1600s.

The Rideau Arcott sheep breed was developed in the 1960s and named for its birthplace, the Animal Research Centre, Ottawa.

As were the well-known McIntosh apple and the Red Fife and Marquis wheat strains, canola was also developed in Canada. The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum has produced travelling and museum-based exhibitions on this important Canadian oil crop that was developed 50 years ago


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