Role Models Matter

Drs. Kirsty Duncan (federal science minister), Mona Nemer (Canada’s chief science advisor), Molly Shoichet (Ontario’s first chief scientist) and former astronaut Julie Payette (now Governor General) are not only raising the profile of female scientists in Canada, they are also vocal advocates for increasing the ranks of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), particularly in academia.

Canadian Tech at the Leading Edge

Canadian Tech at the Leading edge is our booklet on showcasing the best of Canadian Technology to the rest of the world. In it, we feature cutting edge research being done all over the great White North, pushing forwards the frontiers of possibility.

Teaching Computers Empathy

Heartbeat AI, is connecting the dots between artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, consumer research and marketing to help organizations better know their customers, employees and patients – by understanding how they feel.

Innovator Spotlight: Fredericton NB’s ecosystem is driving the city forward

As the entrepreneurial spirit flourishes across Atlantic Canada, the city of Fredericton continues to work hard at cultivating a start-up ecosystem that builds on the city’s early successes in key areas like biosciences, ICT and data security.

Innovator Spotlight: Mobilizing Canada’s Bioeconomy to Fight Climate Change

One of the key challenges faced by the bioeconomy is the provision of competitively-priced, high-quality biomass. BioFuelNet Canada (BFN) is building on this insight and on its past accomplishments to develop and grow the bioeconomy.

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers tells the story of pioneering men and women in Canada who are blazing trails in science, technology and innovation. In this booklet, we feature the work of innovative researchers, engineers and academics from Canada, showcasing their work to the rest of the world.

UOIT Researcher examines how wearable tech will change humanity

Dr. Isabel Pedersen isn’t shy about asking uncomfortable questions when it comes to emerging technologies that can be carried, implanted, ingested or worn by humans. In fact, she’s made a career of it. The Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Digital Life, Media and Culture has been interested in human computer interactions since she was a child.

Spotlight: Springboard Atlantic to play catalytic role in region’s new growth...

Springboard Atlantic is poised to play a catalytic role in advancing the new Atlantic Growth Strategy and helping to drive the region’s economy forward, says the regional organization’s new CEO.

Ingenium’s Women in STEM Initiative

Women have always made important contributions to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Yet gender inequity often persists, especially at the highest levels of academia and industry.

De Beers Canada funds new scholarships for women

De Beers Canada has launched the first four scholarships in a $639,000 four-year initiative to support female students entering STEM programs in Canadian universities.

Women in AI

Meet some of the leading minds working in AI in Canada

Company Spotlight: CCAB aims to grow Toronto’s biotech community

With a wealth of world-class researchers and continuing investment into its start-up ecosystem, Toronto has provided fertile ground for building the biotechnology sector in the province/nation.

Gender diversity takes centre stage in federal budget

The Canadian government’s 2018 budget may go down in history as the first national feminist economic blueprint. Equality Growth: A Strong Middle Class introduces a bold series of initiatives to boost the participation of women and under-represented groups in science, business and society at large.

Leading Stem Cell researcher receives prestigious L’Oreal UNESCO women in science award

One of Canada’s leading stem cell researchers Dr. Janet Rossant was one of five women internationally to receive the prestigious L'Oréal-UNESCO women in science award in March in Paris.

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